drainage system

We have been talking with many clients lately regarding the importance of a good drainage system.  This year’s rain has resulted in the accumulation of water in yards and homes across the Tri-State. To remedy many of these situations it is necessary to install a new drainage solution.  Successful solutions carry the water away from the home, not discharging it along the home’s foundation.

On this particular project we completed the following drainage updates:

  • excavated a trench from the left rear of the property around the back of the home and along the right side to daylight
  • installed two 4″ schedule 40 drain lines
    • one was solid pipe and we connected it to 4 downspouts.
    • the other was perforated to collect ground water, this was covered in 1″ drainage gravel to facilitate drainage
  • in addition 4 new window wells were installed and connected to the drainage solution

While onsite and once completed with drainage work, we replaced the concrete patio and sidewalk, along with applying seed/straw to affected areas.

Having the proper drainage system in place for your home’s needs as well as maintaining it is key.  As we have mentioned before, over time window wells and drainage systems can become clogged and even collapse.  If left unaddressed water can accumulate and infiltrate the home leading to foundation concerns.

For more on drainage solutions check out our post from this past spring titled DRAINAGE SOLUTION, CINCINNATI OHIO.  In this post we discuss routine upkeep and its benefit as well as another drainage solution installed by Hughes Construction.

If you have concerns or questions, feel free to reach out through our website. Our contact form allows you to upload a description and photos relating to your project and concerns.

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