Hughes Construction Company was hired by the homeowner to fix the bulge in a retaining wall that is next to the exterior basement stairs.  The stairs and wall are located in the backside of the house.  The engineered design for this project was produced by Buyers Protection Group.  To fix the bulge in the wall we had to first tear out the existing sidewalk and excavate behind the river rock wall that was bulging.  After the excavation was complete, we drilled and inserted a re-bar cage to further strengthen the wall and attached the river rock wall to the new concrete wall.  We then pushed the wall back to plumb and poured a 12” concrete wall behind the river rock wall, and as well as the new sidewalk replacement.  The concrete for this project was provided by Central Ready Mix and pumped by Buckeye Concrete Pumping. Hughes Construction also removed and replaced a section of the concrete floor in the basement that had cracked and heaved.   Hughes Construction also replaced the basement entry door which had been purchased from McCabe Lumber.