Drain tile gets its name from back when drainage systems were installed using cylindrical/column shaped clay tiles.

Over the years drainage systems have evolved. Today when installing a drainage system there are several options including corrugated pipe, schedule 35, and schedule 40.  This is perforated pipe and non-perforated pipe.  So how do you know what the best option is for your project and drainage needs?  Here at Hughes Construction we only install Schedule 40 drain tile. Perforated or non-perforated depends on the application, what needs to be accomplished. Perforated drain tile is typically used for concerns when ground water needs to be carried away.  The non-perforated is used for draining water from  drains and downspouts or long distances.

Clay Drain Tile

Many  of the older homes locally were built during the time when drainage systems were installed using clay drain tiles. These were constructed with cylindrical and hollow tiles laid one right after the other in the ground.  Over time these tiles can shift with the ground and crack. This then allows for earth and tree roots to disrupt the path of the water.


Corrugated Pipe
Corrugated pipe is commonly used in many drainage solutions now days. It provides benefit such as low cost and ease to manipulate and work with.  However these benefits are also what contributes to this product not being as superior as Schedule 40 when it comes to drainage projects.  The ease to manipulate allows for this product to crush more easily. In addition this allows for sagging or low points which can contribute to a back up or clog of your drainage pipe.

Schedule 35
Schedule 35

Schedule 35 is made of PVC piping approximately a 1/8th of an inch in thickness.  An improvement over the corrugated pipe in that it will not sag, and is more durable.


Schedule 40
Schedule 40 is made of PVC piping approximately an 1/4th of an inch in thickness, nearly double of that of schedule 35.  This increased thickness allows for this product to provide great strength and durability.  Installing Schedule 40 will allow peace of mind that your drainage solution will not crush or sag. This will allow for water to drain at is appropriate angle for many years to come. Schedule 40 is a superior product that comes with  an added cost, however that added cost brings long-term durability and peace of mind.


When taking on a drainage issue, its very important to make sure that you understand not only the services your contractor will be providing but also the products.  Be sure to ask questions to allow you, the homeowner, to make informed and educated decisions about moving forward with your project.