Hughes Construction installed this garage addition with the plans provided by Schaefer Engineering. We excavated the building site along with installing the footers, foundation walls and garage floor for this new garage in Cincinnati Ohio.

The rear wall of the garage was poured at 12″ thick and the side walls at 10″ thick, these walls will also serve as retaining walls to retain the pressure of the hillside surrounding the garage in order to stabilize the structure. The footer size was also drastically increased as part of the design.  The garage floor was poured 5″ thick. All concrete used for this project as fiber reinforced Class C concrete.

The exterior of the foundation wall was coated with HLM 5000 and capped with dimple board to facilitate drainage. We installed two schedule 40 drain-lines which were incorporated with the property’s existing drainage system. This will allow for the downspouts and ground water to drain away from the new structure.