This homeowner was experiencing water seepage in their basement and was concerned about a long diagonal crack in the basement. They had licensed structural engineer Mike Montgomery of Buyers Protection Group out to determine the best course of action.

Mr. Montgomery pointed out that the main issues were in large part due to negative (towards the home) soil grading and lack of drainage.

Grading the soil as well as concrete flatwork around your home to ensure proper drainage is crucial because it:

  1. Prevents water damage to your foundation and basement.
  2. Minimizes soil erosion and maintains landscape stability.
  3. Reduces waterlogging, promoting healthier vegetation.
  4. Helps avoid moisture-related issues like mold and pest infestations.


A recipe for disaster

This particular patio had settled so and was sloping towards the home, and the soil in the rear also had a negative slope. This was causing stormwater to funnel towards the foundation, instead of away from it. This may cause basement seepage as well carry a heightened risk of foundation wall failure due to the hydrostatic pressure. Furthermore, the soil was too high up on the foundation itself which can also allow water and moisture in from over the top of the walls.

The repair:

First, we removed the walkway and the patio and the area in front of the garage that all had negative slopes. Once completed, we added new Schedule-40 drainpipes along the rear and side to help carry the water away from the home. We then re-graded the soil and poured back the concrete we had removed, adding an area for soil against the foundation for more drainage.



As you can see above, great care was taken to ensure the soil sloped away from the foundation now instead of towards it.

Finally, we turned our attention indoors to repair the cracks with epoxy to strengthen the wall and help prevent further leaks. This house is now well-drained and protected.

Do you have a crack or a leak worrying you? We encourage you to feel free to use our contact form to send a photo. We are happy to point you in the right direction.