For this particular project, multiple buildings on the property were in need of stabilization due to structural deficiencies.

For the 1st building, Hughes Construction Company installed new steel beams to replace the existing failing wood beams to stabilize the structure.

Structural Stabilization


On the 2nd building we installed 30 steel angles and attached steel cross bracing as needed throughout the crawl space.  Additionally we installed 16 laminated veneer lumber beams (LVL’s)  alongside the existing floor joists.

Structural Stabilization

*All repairs for this project were made in conjunction with the reports and designs provided by Cole Engineering Solutions.

Experiencing concerns about your home or building’s structural stability? Your first step is to start with a structural engineer. The engineer will determine what type of crack it is and the best approach for repairs.  As mentioned above there are different types of cracks. For example, a cyclical crack changes with the seasons, a progressive crack will continue to get worse.  There are different repairs for each, and the type of crack will dictate the required repair.

Please note that licensed structural engineers are the best qualified individuals to evaluate the circumstances and provide you with an independent assessment. This allows the homeowner to know exactly what repairs are needed.  We have provided a list of  several engineering firms on our website. These firms are independent of Hughes Construction. While we like to provide our clients with options; it is ultimately the client’s decision to hire an engineer, and if so which one. The client contracts with the engineering firm directly and independently of Hughes Construction. The engineer would determine if a project requires designs, again this is independent of Hughes Construction.