Did you know that unstable soil can contribute to increased settling over time which could lead to structural/foundation problems? 

If you are faced with unstable soil on your property, helical piers could be a viable option.  This alternative solution may allow you to still utilize your original building site with the peace of mind your home will be structurally stable in the years to come.  

Helical piers are innovative way to proactively stabilize your foundation to prevent settling. These specially designed round shaft piers are driven into the ground with special equipment that utilizes specific torque readings enabling the piers to have a high load capacity instantly.  That’s right no waiting for the product to cure or acclimate, they are ready to build upon immediately after installation. 

Aside from peace of mind and the quick turnaround of helical piers, there is also a cost savings that can be realized by installing at time of construction versus waiting until structural issues occur down the road. The obvious savings would be the cost of the structural repairs that may be alleviated, such as repairs to foundation walls or other structural components of the home caused during the settling process.  Likewise, you will eliminate the cost of the additional excavation necessary for access to the foundation in order for the helical piers to be appropriately placed to support the structure post construction. Proactively installing during the construction process allows for piers to be placed at the time of the initial excavation, and may even reduce the number of piers and hardware needed to support the structure depending on placement.

What homeowner wants to find out that the home they have invested in is at an increased risk of costly foundation issues down the road?  While there are multiple options to address unstable soil during the building process, helical piers may be the most cost effective alternative for you.

For more information on helical piers and their applications please click here, or contact a structural engineer to see if helical piers are an appropriate solution for your upcoming project.