Is your current yard drainage system unable to keep up with the all the rain? Do you have  standing water in your yard or surrounding your foundation? Over time drain tile/drainage pipes can become clogged, cracked or disrupted by tree roots. This causes the drainage system to not work as effectively and efficiently as it once did.  It is important to make sure that you keep your gutters and downspout free of debris to allow them to flow properly.  However sometimes even with routine maintenance it is necessary to update the existing system with a new yard drainage system.

Yard Drainage Install


This homeowner hired Hughes Construction to address and update their drainage concerns. To resolve the issue,  Hughes Construction installed a drainage solution that allowed for water on both sides of the house to be drained to an area away from the home and patio.  See photos of the project below.

As always if you are experiencing water infiltration into your basement you should contact a licensed engineer to ensure that you are addressing the root cause of the problem.

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