Benefits of using Helical Piers for Your Deck: 

  • Fast Installation and once the piers are installed they can be built on immediately.
  • No impact from weather (It can be wet/cold) Concrete can not be installed when it is extremely cold or wet
  • High load capacity: This allows for design flexibility and assurance that the pier will not settle over time due to being over loaded.
  • Accuracy from the Torque pin monitor. This is the computer in the cab which is connected to the drive head, this allows us to instantly know the capacity of the pier as we are installing it and records it for our project files.
  • Added depth: A typical pier is installed at a 7′ depth, which is typically undisturbed soil (Soil that has never been moved). If you do end up building on disturbed earth it will settle in time. Concrete piers are typically installed at frost depth, which in this region is typically 32 inches. We can always add depth to increase the load capacity or reach undisturbed soil.
  • Pier Coating: Bare steel can be installed and will take a very long time to rust (manufacturer says 80 years +), galvanized looks better and will not rust (expected lifespan is over 120 years)
  • Connection bracket; Allows for flexibility during construction, so the piers do not have to be 100% correctly placed, if they are off by an inch they will still work just fine. The bracket attaches directly to the pier, there is NO concrete poured what so ever.
  • No excavation required, so no soil haul off.