Have a slope? Don’t forget the drainage.


This single-family home in Golf Manor sits on a slope, and for years there was inadequate drainage where the hill met the garage wall. Water would run directly down this slope and into the south-facing wall of the garage. Resulting in the mess you see below:



Because of all the hydrostatic pressure, the block foundation wall had a large horizontal crack running through it and had begun to bulge inwards by a couple of inches.



This homeowner hired Hughes Construction to repair the wall using the designs created by Mike Montgomery of Buyers Protection Group.  This included excavation, and if possible, reconnecting an existing footer drain to help manage the water.



Once we began our investigation, however, we realized there was no footer drain. Because of this, installation of new drainage and a sump pump was necessary in order to manage the water. We typically tell people to avoid a sump pump whenever possible, but in this situation, there was nowhere else for the water to go.



Once drainage was sorted out, we pushed the wall back to plumb and installed 3 counterforts to stabilize it going forward. When complete, waterproofing materials coated the exterior of the wall to keep water from coming into the garage.



Drainage is key.

Your drainage system protects your home from experiencing too much hydrostatic pressure, so ensure it works properly. Water always needs somewhere to go, so pay attention when it rains. If you see pooling, overflowing drains, or overly soggy areas you may need an update to your pipes.  You may want to have a plumber like Zins (513-681-2501) or your preferred plumber out to scope the lines and remove any clogs.

If the lines are beyond repairing or cleaning it is probably time to update. Contact us to ask about our drainage consultations. For $300 you get an hour of our owner/operator’s time and a custom-designed drainage solution that should never need replaced, and can easily be built upon. This consultation fee also gets credited back to any work you choose to move forward with. So, ask about our drainage consultations today!


  • Bowed Walls, Horizontal Crack, can be a warning sign that your foundation wall is in the process of failing.
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