This Springfield Township homeowner hired  Hughes Construction to install steel angles and inject foundation cracks, to address concerns regarding the home’s foundation.


Steel Angles

We installed more than 60 steel angles. In addition we injected 70 feet of foundation cracks with structural epoxy.

Brick Angle

To stabilize the brick veneer facade we installed 14′ of steel brick support angles.

A licensed structural engineer of Buyers Protection Group designed the corrections implemented. These repairs will stabilize the foundation, improve the home’s structural integrity, and protect from future leaks.


If you have questions concerning your home’s foundation reach out to us via our “CONTACT” form. We also invite you check out our “VIDEOS”  and “PROJECTS” pages for more information on past projects. Please keep in mind however that before contacting contractors to complete any foundation projects the first step is to consult with a licensed structural engineer.  These engineers are the most qualified individuals to independently assess your home’s unique needs.  Once they determine what the underlying cause of your foundation’s issues, they will recommend the best approach to correct things. For more about why hiring an engineer upfront is your best course of action when addressing foundation concerns click here.  In this post we discuss the importance of having an engineer involved.