After having a structural inspection it was discovered that the brick did not have the appropriate flashing. The concrete patio on the front of the home had to be removed which was nearly a foot thick, which caused the need for a breaker attachment for the bobcat. Once the patio was removed and hauled away we were able to begin work on the brick repair. The band boards and sill plates were almost completely rotted from water infiltration. This project was particularly difficult because the bottom courses of brick can not be completely removed without loosing the support of the brick above. The solution was removing the brick in three foot sections, replacing the band board/sill plate, installing the appropriate flashing, and then re-bricking the section enough to support the brick above so that the section next to it could be removed the following day. This home owner also planned on finishing their basement, so we were able to inject the foundation cracks with urethane foam to prevent any type of water seepage.