Seepage through Basement Wall Cracks

Seepage through basement wall cracks.

Unfortunately foundation cracks happen in many homes across the tristate.   They happen on the east side of Cincinnati, they happen on the west side, they happen in northern Kentucky. Cracks can happen for many different reasons.  If you find cracks in the foundation of your home, have them addressed sooner rather than later.  Hire a structural engineer to come out and evaluate the unique situation that your home is encountering.  The engineer will determine what the best path forward is to address the problem at hand. Many times addressing the issue sooner rather than later can actually save your money down the road by preventing further damage.   There are many times when cracks simply require some injections of epoxy to stabilize the crack and prevent leaking. Keep in mind that water seepage can contribute to mold growth if left untreated.

On this particular project Hughes Construction was hired after the homeowner had a licensed engineer out to evaluate their basement wall cracks.  We injected fourteen lineal feet of cracks in accordance with the specifications provided by the designing engineer of  XYZ.  We injected  the cracks with structural epoxy or urethane foam depending the crack.  These injections will prevent further leakages, allowing the homeowner to once again enjoy their basement.