Basement wall repairs can translate into many different things depending on the circumstances.  Some corrections require a complete overhaul of the existing foundation wall, while others simply need a few injections to seal a crack or stop a leak.

This is a great time of year to take inventory of your foundation/basement walls for any changes.  As spring weather approaches saturating the ground with moisture, foundation cracks may leak.  If you find yourself dealing with foundation issues, the best to start is by contacting a structural engineer. In our experience, this small step will save the client money in the long run. The engineer just wants the project to be done correctly and isn’t trying to make a sale.  He/she will determine the best solution for your home’s needs.

basement wall repairs

For this project, the home was experiencing some inward wall movement.  The homeowner hired Buyers Protection Group to inspect the home and design the basement wall repairs.  The engineer determined that the wall movement was likely due to unbalanced soil pressure.  We implemented the engineers designs, installing nine (9) steel pilasters to stabilize two basement walls.  Additional photos below.


If you have questions regarding your basement walls and whether you need repairs, reach out via our contact form. Our staff would be happy to discuss the project with you to make sure you are heading in the right direction at the start.

Meanwhile for more information on different types of foundation repairs check out this previous post “RESOLUTION OF FOUNDATION CONCERNS“.