This homeowner had experienced wall shifting and cracking in their basement walls, as seen in the photos below.  They hired a structural engineer to assess the property and make recommendations on the appropriate repair. Once the engineer had determined the appropriate corrections for this home’s unique situation the home owner hired Hughes Construction Company.  In accordance with the designs provided by the designing engineer of Buyers Protection Group, Hughes Construction installed the following repairs:

  • Injected 245 lineal feet of foundation cracks
  • Installed 46 steel angles
  • Installed 4 steel pilasters

The combination of these applications will stabilize the home’s foundation and protect against further movement of the walls.

Are you experiencing similar issues with your basement walls? If so, or if you have any concerns regarding the structural integrity of your homes foundation, we recommend you consult an engineer.  Licensed structural engineers are the most qualified individuals to assess your property and determine the issue at hand. It is important to understand the underlying cause  in order to address it appropriately the first time.

Click on the photos below for more information on foundation repairs as well as the benefits of hiring an engineer prior to reaching out to contractors.

Already have a report and or designs from a structural engineer?  Feel free to submit them on our CONTACT page for an estimator to review the project.

basement walls injected with epoxySteel Angles on Basement Walls







basement walls repairedSteel Pilaster on basement wall