On this project the client was looking to redesign their backyard. They started by installing a concrete retaining wall. This wall allowed for the leveling of the yard into a more usable space.  The wall was a poured in place concrete wall approximately five (5) feet in height and total of eighty four (84) feet in length. This initial phase of the project will pave the way for the remainder of the back yard remodel.

It is important to note that retaining walls exceeding four (4) feet in height must be designed by a licensed structural engineer as required by building code. Why do you need a structural engineer? The placement of steel reinforcement is critical when installing a retaining wall due to the top of the wall being left unsupported.  Engineers take into account many factors including the amount of surcharge on the wall when developing designs. They determine not only the amount of steel reinforcement but also the wall thickness and footer size necessary to sufficiently offset the pressure exerted by the hillside. This will ensure that the wall you install is stable and safe.  With the appropriate designs and installation, a concrete retaining wall is a great long term solution.

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