Concrete SawGS 461 ROCK BOSS® concrete saw in action...

“A powerful concrete cutter designed for deep cutting and square corners – perfect for construction and renovation projects.”

We recently purchased this concrete saw for a foundation project we were working on. This saw definitely lives up to the Stihl name and reputation. We were working on an old stone foundation wall that was severely leaking and in order to install the new footer drain we had to cut through the stone wall. We were able to use the economy chain for the cuts needed, which only has diamond blades on every other tooth, which helps keep the cost of the actual chain to about half the price of the full tooth chain.

The Rock Boss worked perfect because we were able to plunge cut a small hole for our four inch schedule 40 pipe to go through and connect to the newly installed sump pump basin. We also placed a concrete stucco over the exterior of the foundation so that it could be appropriately waterproofed. Check out some of the photos from the project below!


Below are just some of the features that make this saw ideal to have in your arsenal of tools.

  • cuts up to 15.7″ deep
  • a low exhaust emission engine
  • HD2 heavy-duty air filter
  • advanced water controls
  • low vibration
  • Stihls very own Diamond Abrasive Chain