Hughes Construction is offering the following construction services for 2023: concrete, retaining walls, drainage systems and home additions.  As well as foundation repairs, epoxy injections, and the installation of helical piers (including deck piers).

At Hughes Construction Company we offer a variety of concrete services, and all our projects are reviewed on a case-by-case basis. Because we strive to provide our clients with long-term solutions, we only use top-quality (city grade) Class C concrete. We work with several concrete suppliers in the Greater Cincinnati Area and have some of the best all-inclusive prices available.

Below are some general guidelines to assist you in budgeting for your upcoming project.

  • We can sometimes provide free quotes for flatwork projects if given a detailed scope of work, including dimensions.
  • If we need to come out to take measurements or if drainage work is involved there is a design consult required. Our consult Fee is $ 300.00 for us to take measurements/laser grade readings. This fee will then be credited towards any work you would like to proceed with.
  • We have a ($ 5,000.00) minimum for all our concrete projects. (300-400 Square Feet)
  • Typical pricing for standard concrete removal and replacement is $ 12.00-15.00/square foot with good equipment access.
  • Typical interior concrete removal and replacement ($ 8,000.00 Minimum) ($ 18.00-26.00/ Square foot) with good equipment access.

Need more help planning an upcoming concrete project? Check out this link or contact us.

Retaining Walls
We install poured concrete retaining walls over four (4) feet high. Anything shorter than this is considered a landscaping wall. Code requires designs created by a licensed structural engineer for anything taller than four (4) feet. Keep in mind that these walls withstand a large amount of pressure being exerted on them due to the amount of soil they retain. With all that weight behind it: the footer size, steel reinforcement and drainage plan are all crucial to the success of your wall. Once you have designs for your retaining wall(s) in place, please fill out our contact form and we would be more than happy to see if we can assist.

Do you ever think about your drainage? The key to keeping your concrete and foundation as hassle free as possible is to make sure your drainage systems are all doing what they are supposed to. Questions about your drainage system? We can address your drainage needs to keep your drainage flowing away from your foundation. In keeping with our commitment to using only the highest quality products; we install only schedule 40 PVC pipe which is crush resistant, easy to maintain and will stand the test of time.

Each of our drainage projects is custom designed for water run-off calculations and laser grade readings. Due to our heavy design involvement, we have a design/consult fee of $300.00. This is a non-refundable deposit on the project and includes (1) hour of site time and up to (2) estimate revisions. This fee is directly applied towards the project quoted if you decide to move forward with us. If you would like to set up a consult please visit our contact page and complete the form.

While we don’t take on whole house foundations at this time, Hughes Construction Company CAN install the foundation and do the concrete work for even the most complicated additions. We take care of the excavation and installation ourselves, all we need are a set of plans to get started on reviewing  your project. If you are considering an addition, but already have foundation problems: consult with an engineer. Often the repair can be incorporated with the addition. If you are looking for a design professional, visit our Preferred Structural Engineers page for our suggestions.

Once you have plans in place, please fill out our contact form and we would be more than happy to see if we can assist you with your addition.

Foundation repairs
Hughes Construction Company installs a variety of foundation repairs and structural repairs that are designed by licensed engineers. Because we do not design foundation repairs or structural repairs in house; we do not favor any type of system. Which means you get the design and installation you need, not a sales pitch. If your project requires a permit, having a structural engineer involved in your project also helps during the permitting process.  Additionally this step can assist with future sale of the property, providing potential buyers with the reassurance that the project was completed correctly the first time. Hughes Construction Company maintains all completed projects in our own records indefinitely, so if you misplace any of our documentation just ask us and we can provide it to you.

The majority of our foundation projects carry a lifetime warranty. We like to leave you with the peace of mind knowing that you made the right repair and that the solution is a long-term one.

Once you have designs in place from a licensed structural engineer, please fill out our contact form and we would be more than happy to see if we can assist you with your foundation project.

Many local foundations have experienced cracking.  Sometimes the most effective solution to a leaking foundation crack can be an injection. Our company policy is that foundation cracks must be evaluated by a structural engineer before we inject them.   The engineer will determine the type of crack and best approach to repair it, while ruling out any additional structural concerns.  Hughes Construction Company uses a variety of epoxies and urethane to make structural repairs and stop leaks in their tracks. We guarantee the cracks we inject to be free of leaks provided that no additional movement has occurred.

If your engineer recommended injections, please feel free to contact us for an estimate.

Helical piers
Helical Piers are a great solution for poor soil quality, and quick deck construction. We are one of a handful of contractors in the tri-state who have the skills, experience, and equipment to install these. Helical Piers are round shaft piers driven into the ground to specific torque settings in stable soil. They have a high load capacity immediately after installation and can be installed relatively quickly using minimal equipment. Helical piers are guaranteed to last at least one lifetime, and likely longer.  We utilize them to support and stabilize foundations as well as building decks right on top of them. You can even use helical piers to build docks right on the water!

If you would like to know more about our Piers check out this post or contact us.

Are you in need of any of these construction services? Not sure if you are or where to start? Feel free to reach out and we would be happy to get you pointed in the right direction.

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