Hughes Construction was originally hired to excavate and install one counterfort, and install two steel pilasters against the block wall in the garage that was being pushed in, per the specifications of Buyers Protection Group.  During the demo of the drywall that was covering the block wall in the garage we discovered the wall was pushed in more than the allowable tolerances and therefore, it was decided with Buyers Protection Group the wall should come down and be replaced with a more reinforced block wall. To first tear down the wall we had to excavate the soil pushed up against it and also the soil where the counterfort needed to be, and then Hughes Construction shored up the ceiling in the garage to prepare for the wall being torn down.  With the shoring in place we tore down the wall and prepped the area for the new reinforced block wall. The counter fort was constructed of concrete block and reinforced with rebar, and filled solid. Once the counterfort and new block wall were built we sealed the exposed foundation and backfilled in compacted lifts.