Hughes Construction was hired to install four counterforts and to inject approximately 18ft. using injection material provided by Prime Resins.  The counterforts for this project were specified to be 6ft. long by 5ft. tall by 1ft. wide by Buyers Protection Group.  The counterfort excavations were done individually to leave the front deck intact. The concrete footers for the counterforts were pumped in Buckeye Concrete Pumping, and the concrete was provided by All-Rite Ready Mix.  The footers were doweled into the footer of the foundation and reinforced in the block counterforts that were filled solid with concrete (which were also reinforced).  As well as the injections we performed, we also installed steel dowels in a wing wall that was next to the garage to keep it from moving. Once all of the counterforts were in we backfilled in compacted lifts and then added topsoil, seed, and straw.