This home had multiple types of cracks identified in the engineer’s report.  The structural engineer determined the type of cracking and the cause resulting in a course of action to stabilize the foundation.

Settlement Type Cracking
There were several settlement type cracks.   The engineer recommended that the homeowner continue to monitor these cracks.  After the monitoring period, the results will dictate if anything needs to be addressed and how.

Horizontal Cracking
The front foundation wall had a horizontal crack. Unbalanced pressure or rusting of an interior steel rod was likely the cause of this crack.  As a result the crack was injected with epoxy . This injection will stabilize the crack as well as seal it to prevent and future rusting.

Vertical and Diagonal Cracking
In addition the front foundation wall also had some vertical and diagonal cracks. These cracks were the result of unbalanced pressure. This contributed to an inward leaning wall.  Hughes Construction Company installed 32 Steel angles to anchor the foundation walls.  As a result this will stabilize the foundation. In addition the cracks were injected with epoxy.

Hughes Construction Company installed the referenced repairs in accordance with the designs provided by Buyers Protection Group.

You should always consult with a structural engineer for any foundation concerns you may have. The engineer will determine the best path forward for your home’s situation.