Are you experiencing cracking basement walls? It may be time to reach out to a structural engineer. This is especially the case if the crack is continuing to grow or allowing for water to infiltrate your home.

Hughes Construction Company uses a variety of epoxies and urethanes to make structural repairs and stop leaks.  The material used for the project is determined by the type and condition of the crack. For example certain materials are more rigid and don’t allow for seasonal movement. Where as other materials are better suited for season movement but will not provide structural stability on their own. Its best left up the engineer to determine what type of cracks your home is experiencing and how to proceed with fixing them. Check out the project below.

EpoxCracking basement wallsy Injection & Dowel Install for Cracking Basement Walls in Ft. Mitchell.

This foundation endured several seasonal cracks. The homeowner brought in a structural engineer to assess the situation and make recommendations for repair.  Hughes Construction Company was then hired to implement the design plans developed by Buyers Protection Group.

  • We smoothed out and repaired two of the cracks with patch-crete.
  • Overall eight cracks received crossed diagonal dowels.
  • In addition, we injected forty three (43) lineal feet of foundation cracks with structural epoxy.

To conclude, there are many factors that determine the path forward for a cracking foundation.  If you are experiencing cracking in your foundation walls contact a licensed engineer. The engineer will determine the best course of action for your home’s unique needs.

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