We have been receiving a high volume of  phone calls lately about cracking foundations and how to determine the best solution/repair. As a homeowner it is very important to make sure you are correcting your foundation the right way the first time around.  The best way to do this is to hire a licensed structural engineer.  This small investment upfront enables you the homeowner to know exactly what you need for repairs.  It takes the guess work out of trying to decide which proposed solution is the best solution for your home.

This particular project is an example as to why it is important to have an engineer out prior to hiring a contractor to correct foundation concerns.  Some contractors have a one size fits all approach when it comes to foundation cracks, which can be quite costly.

cracking foundationsAs we have mentioned in previous posts, not all cracking foundations require an elaborate fix.  This was the case with this West Chester Ohio home.  After the engineer reviewed the project, he determined that a set of steel dowels and crack injections would be sufficient.   Hughes Construction Company implemented the suggestions as recommended by the designing engineer of Buyers Protection Group.  As a result the home owner will be able to rest easy knowing this crack is now stable.




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