Cracks in foundation walls leading to water infiltration? This is what many of our callers have been experiencing lately.  Many of them did not realize they even had the cracks until they started leaking recently.  As with any foundation concern it is important to understand what the underlying cause is. This will allow for the issue, in this case cracks in foundation walls, to be addressed correctly the first time around. The best way to ensure that you truly understand what it is that your home is experiencing and why, is by hiring a structural engineer.  They will inspect the home’s foundation to determine the type of cracks you are experiencing and what the cause is.  Then based on the results they will develop a game plan to alleviate your concerns and keep your basement dry.

There are times foundation cracks are not of a structural concern, and do not require an elaborate fix.  Many times the fix is to inject with structural epoxy or urethane foam depending on the size and condition of the crack.

Check out some of our crack injections below. The cracks in the photos were all injected with either structural epoxy or urethane foam.  Each of the clients hired a structural engineer to assess their property. The engineer determined the type of crack and the best repair given the circumstances of each home.

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