One issue that can impact a home’s structural stability that we don’t frequently discuss is damage from insects and rodents. These small culprits can create some issues around the house both inside and out.

Damage from Insects
Wood boring insects can be troublesome. They can eat away at the structural components once inside a home impacting the structural stability. Keep these tiny critters at bay by addressing any areas of damp rotting wood you find around your home as soon as possible.  Experiencing insect damage? Be sure to work with a pest control professional to assist with getting them under control as soon as possible.  Once you have the issue under control reach out to a structural engineer. The engineer will determine the extent of the damage and the appropriate repairs.

Damage from Rodents
natures destructive critters. chipmunk tunnelsChipmunks-When chipmunks tunnel under concrete slabs, it disturbs the soil that was originally supporting the slab… this allows for water to enter and continue to erode. This can result in settling, along with creating potential for foundation issues if the slab is near the home.




Squirrels-This particular home at some point had squirrels depositing nuts into the basement walls.  We can’t say  for certain if the squirrels actually contributed to the foundation issues of this home or not. They may have just capitalized on the finding a great place to store their next winter meal. Regardless as to which came first, it always best to keep the cute little rodents out and away from the home as they are very capable of creating costly damage and spreading disease.


Natures little creatures can cause BIG problems. However, addressing these issues as soon as possible can save you from additional headaches down the road.  If you are noticing issues with  insects or rodents, it is best to enlist the help of the pest control experts. If as a result of these pests you are experiencing structural/foundation issues it is best to consult with a structural engineer. The engineer will determine the extent of the damage and the best approach to repair it.