Deck Helical Piers

Are you planning to build a deck this summer? Looking for ways to help ensure your new outdoor space will last as long as you need it to? If so, then helical piers may be an option for your upcoming project.  Helical piers are innovative way to proactively stabilize your deck’s foundation to prevent excessive settling over time.

Helical piers offer many benefits over traditional foundation methods including fast installation and high load capacity. As a result they are a great option during the structure’s construction.  Additionally, these piers are able to be installed after construction to stabilize an existing deck experiencing issues with settling, helping to extend the useful life of the structure.

This Cleves Ohio homeowner hired Hughes Construction to install four (4) helical piers as the foundation for their new deck.  An alternative to the traditional concrete footings. These four (4) piers allow this homeowner to take comfort in knowing their beautiful new outdoor space will be structurally stable in the years to come.

To learn more about the benefits associated with helical piers check out our Deck Helical Piers page.  To find out whether helical piers are an appropriate choice for your upcoming deck project visit us online or call our office today!

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