Are you looking to install a dock this spring?  Consider helical piers as an innovative alternative to more traditional dock foundation methods. The use of helical piers during dock construction expedites the process. Hughes Construction installed eight (8) piers in just a matter of hours on this particular project. This allowed for the dock builder to start construction immediately upon the piers once they were in place. You may recall seeing a video of the installation on our Facebook page recently.  Click here to watch the dock helical piers video again!

The benefits of helical piers for dock construction versus other methods:

  • Fast Installation. You are able to build upon the piers immediately after installation.
  • No impact from weather.  Concrete cannot be installed when it is extremely cold or wet, helical pier installation is not impacted by extremely cold or wet conditions.
  • Helical piers have a high load capacity. This allows for design flexibility and provides assurance that the pier will not settle over time due to being over loaded.
  • Accuracy from the torque pin monitor. This in cab computer is connected to the drive head.  This provides in real time the capacity of each pier as we are installing it.
  • Pier Coating.  Bare steel can be installed and will take a very long time to rust (manufacturer says 80 years +), galvanized looks better and will not rust (expected lifespan is over 120 years)
  • Connection bracket. This bracket allows for flexibility during construction.  The bracket attaches directly to the pier.
  • No excavation required, which means no soil haul off.

As a result helical piers may be a great foundation option for your upcoming dock project.

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