Does your yard look like this when we have heavy rains? If so you may have drainage issues?

Here in Cincinnati weather can bring on many challenges for homeowners. One of which is dealing with rainwater runoff and drainage.

As we approach spring there are several things you can do to help correct the drainage issues you may be encountering.

  • Cleaning out Gutters
  • Keep Downspouts Clean
  • Clean Drains/Drainage pipes (Including Window Well Drains)
  • Maintaining the appropriate amount of exposed foundation for your home’s façade
  • Grading of yard- Water should flow away from your home not pool alongside your foundation

Routine upkeep can go a long way to help prevent problems in the future, however sometimes it is necessary to reach out to the professionals. To remedy, some drainage issues may require the installation of a new drainage solution.  Successful solutions carry the water away from the home, not discharging it along the home’s foundation.

Having the proper drainage system in place for your home’s needs as well as maintaining it is key.  As we have mentioned before, over time window wells and drainage systems can become clogged and even collapse.  If left unaddressed water can accumulate and infiltrate the home leading to foundation concerns.

Please note that if you are noticing water infiltration and/or cracks in your foundation, it’s always best to consult with a licensed engineer prior to starting any projects.
Related Project:
Below are some photos of recent drainage project we completed. This homeowner dealt with drainage issues leading to water infiltration.  For this project we installed a new drainage system which included the following:

  • Installed 4 ” schedule 40 drain lines from the rear of the property to the front of the property
  • We connected one drain line to three downspouts and daylighted to street
  • A second line was a perforated pipe to collect ground water and also daylighted to street
  • We installed a concrete catch basin at the rear of the property to help collect fast running water
  • A deck on rear of home was removed to allow for updates to drainage and new concrete patio installed.
  • In addition we replaced several areas of sidewalk and driveway during the project
  • We also injected Prime Flex 920 to seal a void near a duct penetration in the homes slab to help address any water infiltration

The concrete installed on this project was poured 5″ thick with fiber reinforced class c concrete.

Do you have questions or concerns about your home’s drainage? Please feel free to reach out to us via our contact form.  Here you can upload a description of your project/concerns along with photos. Our staff will review the project and reach out to discuss your project.



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