Hughes Construction was hired to tear out and replace an existing driveway, culvert, back patio, and front patio with walkway. The existing driveway consisted of concrete that was heaving and cracked in multiple places as well as sinking next to the entrance of the garage.  To keep a uniform look the home owner wanted the front patio and walkway torn out and replaced at the same time as the driveway.  The back patio consisted of a small concrete patio with a step up to a wooden deck. The concrete portion of the back patio was cracked in multiple places, and the wooden deck portion was to be to torn off.  For the deck portion of the back patio, the home owner wanted it to be replaced with concrete to create one continuous patio.  To first tear out the front patio we had to shore up the small roof that was above the patio which was supported by one column and two adjacent walls.  Then jack hammered the front patio and walkway.  The homeowner also wanted the culvert near the end of the driveway replaced to make it longer on either side for better water flow and also not so steep of a drop off from the driveway.

For this particular project we used Class C concrete and poured the entire project all at the same time, which ended up being a fairly large pour.  We poured the concrete all at once to save on multiple rental costs among others that would be incurred; the equipment rentals for this project were provided by Art’s Rental.  Hughes Construction has the ability to do large concrete pours at once as well as different finishes, for instance, we used a trowel finish on the back patio and a unique expanded ribbon finish on the driveway, front patio, and walkway.  The Class C concrete for this project was provided by Central Ready Mix.