epoxy injections for crack repair
Epoxy injections for crack repair are a common solution for cracking foundations.  Many homeowners inquire about the use of these injections on their projects regularly.

When dealing with epoxy injections for crack repair, its important to know the type of crack you are dealing with PRIOR to completing the injections. We require a structural engineer evaluate any foundation cracks we repair.  The engineer will determine if the crack is cyclical (changes with the seasons) or progressive (continuously gets worse).  The cause and condition of the crack will dictate the necessary repair.  In some homes, in order to stabilize the walls additional corrections may be required beyond injections.

To determine the best course of action for this project the homeowner hired a structural engineer. Upon inspection the home was diagnosed with several foundation issues. These issues included diagonal, vertical and horizontal cracks.

Per the specifications provided by Buyers Protection Group we installed the following:

  • 31 steel angles
  • two steel pilasters
  • 16 feet of brick angle support along the front foundation wall
  • in addition we injected 40 lineal feet of foundation cracks with structural epoxy

In conclusion, it is important to understand the cause of foundation problems before determining the fix.  For this reason, if you are experiencing foundation cracks or other related concerns, consult with a structural engineer prior to hiring a contractor.