Failing Foundation Walls

Are your foundation walls failing? Your foundation has to work hard to fight the forces of nature that are a threat to its stability. To do this it must effectively distribute the weight of your home and any exterior pressure exerted on it. When walls have too much pressure build up around them on the exterior, the wall’s structural stability can be impacted. This can cause cracking, seeping, shifting, etc.

A local homeowner experienced symptoms of lateral pressure due to ineffective backfill against the home’s foundation. Over time, this granular fill became clogged; causing drainage issues and a build-up of pressure beyond what the wall can withstand.  This in turn caused the failing and cracking of their foundation wall. They reached out to our team at Hughes Construction Company for repairs.

Per the recommendations of Cole Engineering Solutions we installed five (5) steel pilasters. Steel pilasters help provide support/stability to the wall, we anchored the pilasters to the existing footer and floor joist system. After installing the steel pilasters, we injected the cracks in the wall with structural epoxy to further strengthen the wall.

Do you have a home with walls that seem to be leaning or moving? Are your foundation walls cracking or failing? It is always best to have it evaluated by a licensed structural engineer first. This helps you determine if it is something that needs to be addressed or monitored. Licensed structural engineers are the best qualified individuals to evaluate the circumstances and provide you with an independent assessment.

Do you have engineer plans/designs and need your project assessed? Feel free to complete our contact form any time day or night. Attach your report/designs directly to our contact form and our offices will be in touch within one to two business days.

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  • best way to stop a leak Crack repaired by Epoxy Injection
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