With the recent events of the pandemic, the majority of our community is spending more time in their homes.  While trying to stay occupied we start taking inventory of projects that need attention.  We start noticing things we really haven’t noticed before or that we simply put off dealing with.  This has resulted in many inquiries about foundation concerns such as cracking, water infiltration, wall movement, and settling.

As you tackle these projects, it is essential to understand the underlying cause of your foundations issues, and the best solution for your unique situation. This is why it is important to contact a structural engineer before hiring a contractor. These licensed individuals are the most qualified to inspect the property and determine what exactly is the issue and why.  They take into consideration all the factors impacting your situation and provide you with recommendations tailored to your needs.

As a homeowner it can be a frustrating and overwhelming when faced with a foundation issue, especially during these uncertain times.  The last thing you want to do is invest in a fix that turns out to be a fail and then left to address the issue all over again. If it turns out that the fix isn’t appropriate for the circumstances at hand, this can be costly to address after the fact. The cost of investing in a structural engineer is well worth your needs being appropriately addressed the first time around.

Do yourself a favor and do your homework.  Educate yourself and understand your foundation issues and what is causing them. We encourage our clients to make the most informed decisions possible when addressing foundation concerns, hiring a structural engineer is the first step in doing this. This simple step will likely save you money and frustration in the long run.

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About the photos:
This homeowner was experiencing multiple issues.  These included stair step cracking in the brick veneer, foundation cracks and water seepage into the basement. Buyer Protection Group designed the corrections for the project.  Hughes Construction installed steel dowels and injected the cracks as prescribed by the structural engineer to stabilize the wall and prevent future leaks.