As we have mentioned before not all foundation cracks are created equal.   As such not all foundation crack repairs should be the same. There are times when the cracks just need to be monitored. Other times the cracks are a sign of additional problems.  The type of crack will dictate  the correction  required.  Contacting a structural engineer to evaluate foundation concerns is the first step to putting your mind at ease.  This will allow you to determine the cause of the issue at hand and choose a path forward.  Addressing the problem early on may save money down the road. It is important to address any structural or foundation issues sooner rather than later.

Foundation Crack RepairThis particular home owner hired Hughes Construction Company to address a crack in a foundation wall.  The crack pictured to the left was injected with epoxy.  This will stabilize the crack and prevent water infiltration.

Please keep in mind that whatever the recommended correction is you want to be confident it is the appropriate fix for your project the first time, some repairs may not be able to be reversed once installed or applied.  As such you should always hire a structural engineer prior to hiring a contractor to ensure you are headed in the right direction.

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