This referred customer contacted Hughes Construction because they had water coming up from between there foundation wall and their concrete slab.  There were also two cracks in their foundation wall that needed to be injected, which had water seeping through as well. The two cracks were injected using polyurethane foam provided by Prime Resins. We concluded that the homeowner would need to put in a sump pump.  The homeowner also wanted to get rid of their old concrete laundry tub and replace it with a single sink plastic tub.  Once we installed the sump pump and ran the discharge pipe out the side of the house, we tied it into the new drain for the downspout line.  We ran the new downspout drain line to the street to help further alleviate the homeowner’s water problems.  To run the new drain line we had to saw cut the sidewalk next to there house as well as the sidewalk next to the street to get the pipe in place.  To finish up this project we poured concrete and finished the two sidewalk cuts.