Foundation Cracking Repaired

This homeowner noticed their foundation cracking. As a result they hired a structural engineer to assess the situation.  Structural engineers take many factors into consideration when evaluating a home in order to determine the cause of the problem and the appropriate path forward.  In this particular situation the engineer recommended a wall anchorage system and injections to stabilize the home.  This system, designed by the engineer, will work to prevent further movement and cracking of the foundation walls.

Hughes Construction installed 40 steel angles  to anchor the walls and injected the cracks with epoxy.  The product we injected was dependent on the size and condition of the crack at time of injection. Hughes Construction guarantees the cracks we inject to be free of leaks as long as no additional movement has occurred.

The report and designs for this home were developed by Buyers Protection Group’s designing engineer. For information regarding the engineers we work with on a regular basis please follow the link to our “Preferred Engineers” page. Once on this page you will be able to navigate to the engineering firms’ websites as well as obtaining their contact information.

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