Well spring is here and rain is in the forecast yet again.  As a result many local homeowners are left to find water exploiting the cracks in their foundation that once seemed harmless, or that they didn’t even realize they had. Should you experience foundation cracks, consult with a structural engineer prior to hiring a contractor to address them. There are different reasons why a foundation may crack.  Knowing the cause of the crack will dictate the appropriate application to resolve your unique issue.  An investment in an engineer upfront will likely save you money in the long run.

This home had foundation wall movement resulting in several cracks and inward leaning foundation walls. Hughes Construction Company was hired to install a wall anchorage system designed by a licensed engineer from Buyers Protection Group.

Hughes Construction Company installed a total of 17 steel angles, injected 16 lineal feet of cracks as well as installing a 20 foot long brick support angle.

Had the homeowner elected to only address the cracks and not the cause of them, the problem would not have been resolved and would have continued to experience issues as time went on.