There are multiple types of  foundation cracks, likewise there are multiple causes as well as repairs.  As we have mentioned many times before, it is important to enlist the expertise of a licensed structural engineer  to evaluate your home’s foundation prior to hiring a contractor. He/she will determine what type of crack you have and why it is occurring.  Not all cracks are created equal, as such not all cracks should be repaired in the same manner.  Some cracks may simply need injected. Others may require a design developed by a licensed engineer.

This particular home’s foundation had cracked vertically in multiple areas, three (3) of these cracks had gradually moved over time.  Hughes Construction Company was hired by the homeowner to implement the corrections recommended by the designing engineer of Buyers Protection Group. Each of the three (3) cracks which showed movement received three (3) sets of dowels and injections of structural epoxy.

For more information on types of cracks frequently observed in home foundations be sure to check out our post “FOUNDATION CRACKS…. WHAT’S THE NEXT STEP?

So how do you address your home’s cracks? It all just depends on the type of crack and its contributing factors.

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