Foundation Cracks

This Loveland homeowner had noticed some vertical and diagonal cracks on a basement wall in their home.  The homeowner hired a licensed structural engineer with Buyers Protection Group to assess their concerns.  The engineer determined that the cracks were likely due to excessive unbalanced pressure and the lack of sufficient foundation anchorage. These factors also contributed to the wall leaning inward.

Hughes Construction Company installed 12 steel angles and injected the cracks per the licensed engineer’s report/designs. This will remedy the situation and stabilize this home for many years to come.

If you have questions regarding an issue you are currently experiencing with your home’s foundation please keep in mind its best to contact a licensed structural engineer prior to hiring a contractor. Once you have your report feel free to contact us and we would be more than happy to review the project.

Here at Hughes Construction Company we install a variety of foundation repairs designed by licensed engineers. We offer lifetime workmanship warranties on all of our foundation projects we install that are designed by licensed engineers. To learn more about the services we provide please click here to visit our services page. Also available on our website are recent projects that showcase some of our recently completed work.