This Springfield Township home was in need of a foundation overhaul due to lateral wall movement. The home owner hired  Hughes Construction Company to implement the recommendations and designs provided by the designing engineer of the Buyers Protection Group.  We completed the project in a multi-phased approach in an effort to  lesson the inconvenience to the homeowner. See the break out of the phases below.


Phase 1- Interior work completed for front and right foundation walls
In the first phase of work we addressed the foundation concerns on the front and right sides of the basement.  We installed 18 steel angles on the front foundation wall.  Likewise we installed 18 steel angles on the right foundation wall. We injected the cracks on these walls with structural epoxy or urethane foam depending on the size and condition of the crack.


Phase 2 -Interior work for rear wall and exterior work completed
In the second phase of this project we completed the necessary stabilization of the rear wall, as well as the work on the exterior of the home. We installed 4 steel pilasters and 22 steel angles across the rear foundation wall, and injected the remaining cracks.   In addition we removed an existing deck and patio to allow us to excavate and install the appropriate water proofing and drainage for this particular home.  We replaced an area of failing brick and added brick angles to stabilize the brick facade.  Once all the exterior work was completed we installed a new concrete patio.


Not all foundation issues will result in a complete foundation overhaul like this project did.  Remember that not all cracks are created equal. Hence there is no cookie cutter fix to address each foundation failure.  In order to determine what specific needs your foundation has, you should contact a licensed structural engineer to discuss your foundation concerns. They will determine the best course of action for your specific needs.  Odds are it will save you money in the long run by consulting the structural engineer prior to hiring the contractor to complete the work.