Hughes Construction Company was contracted to perform a foundation repair in Cincinnati.  This repair involved demoing the existing concrete patio, excavating and exposing the foundation wall, installing a footer drain that runs to a sump pump we installed. On the interior of the home, and after the foundation wall was excavated, Hughes Construction pushed the foundation wall back to plumb, installed 10 steel beams, 42 steel angles, and installed 12 steel dowels in the front wall corner.  We also put in a sump pump in the back corner of the basement, and injected over 100ft. of cracks with materials provided by Prime Resins. Echler Electric was hired to relocate some wiring that was in the way of our steel angles being installed and also to provide an outlet for the sump pump.  A-Expert Rooter was also hired to plumb the sump pump. Once the wall was pushed plumb and the steel installed, we sealed the foundation and backfilled in compacted lifts. The engineer that was hired by the homeowner for this project was Buyers Protection Group.  After the foundation was backfilled and the soil had some time to settle Hughes Construction Company returned to pour the new concrete patio.