After noticing cracks in the foundation walls, the brick outside, and sprawling rebar in the ceiling, an engineer from Buyers Protection Group was called out to inspect the home.  The homeowner then contacted and hired Hughes Construction Company to perform the foundation repair.  The engineer discovered that the front of the house as well as the front patio attached to the house was sinking.  The engineer called for ten under pinning piers to be placed under the footer of the house. The engineer also called for the front of the house to be jacked up to counteract the sinking, 47 lineal feet of structural epoxy injections, and stapling of the cracks in the walls. Hughes Construction Company started off the project by jack hammering the floor in 3 separate sections for the piers that were going to be installed from the inside; each section for the piers was 3’ x 4’.  Hughes Construction then dug out each 3’ x 4’ section as well as cutting underneath the footer of the foundation.  To install the additional 7 underpinning piers Hughes Construction had to excavate the front of the house along the foundation of the patio as well as the two sides of the house down to the bottom of the footer.  Hughes Construction then dug out 7 pockets for the piers to be placed from the outside.  The next step for this project was to pour concrete foundations in the pockets for the piers to be able to jack up the foundation. Hughes Construction used Central Ready Mix and Buckeye Concrete Pumping for this initial pour.

Hughes Construction then proceeded to jack up on the front of the house and patio foundations and poured concrete again in the pockets, using Central Ready Mix and Buckeye Concrete Pumping for this pour as well.  The second concrete pour was used to keep the foundation in place.  Once the second concrete pour was in place the exterior foundation walls were sealed and Hughes Construction Company backfilled the foundation in compacted lifts.  Then Hughes Construction injected 47 lineal feet of foundation crack along with stapling the major cracks with rebar as well as repairing the sprawling rebar in the ceiling with materials provided by Prime Resins.  Hughes Construction Company had removed the existing sidewalk and front step to proceed with the excavation, once the backfill was complete we formed up the new sidewalk and front step and put down a compacted gravel base.  Hughes Construction Company then poured concrete for the new sidewalk and front step.  Finally, Hughes Construction re-graded the yard and put down topsoil, seed, and straw to finish off the project.