A new homeowner contracted Hughes Construction to install seventy two steel angles around the perimeter of the foundation, which attach the foundation wall to the floor joists.  As well as inject over one hundred twenty five lineal feet of foundation crack with structural epoxy material provided by Prime Resins, and insert thirty six staples into the cracks for steel reinforcement.  A large portion of the cracks and staples were located in a small crawl space.  In order to install the steel angles in some areas of the basement we had to remove a portion of ductwork.  We then resealed the duct with the proper tape to reduce air loss and reinstalled it.  The electrical panel backer board needed to be pulled back to get access to a crack that needed to be injected and stapled.  We reinstalled the backer board using pressure treated wood.  The design for this project was engineered by Michael Montgomery from Buyers Protection Group.