Buyers Protection Group was contracted to design the project, and Hughes Construction was hired to perform the work.  Star excavating was contracted by Hughes Construction to excavate and backfill around the foundation.  After the back fill was completed and compacted we poured a new back patio for the home owner and put in a french drain to alleviate water problems. We sealed the outside of the foundation, and pushed the wall back into place.  Hughes Construction injected the foundation cracks and installed steel beams and angles to prevent the wall from moving.  It was later discovered that some rebar spauling had occurred which in turn caused the main crack to continue down the length of the wall.  Due to the rebar spauling Hughes Construction Company installed four more floor to ceiling length beams to keep the foundation wall from bowing.  The injection and surface sealant material was provided by Prime Resins. And also, all of the equipment used for this project was rented from Art’s Rental.