Slight change in  foundation repair estimates going forward…

2020 was a year that forced us all to reevaluate and become creative with new approaches to allow for businesses to press on.  Stores have installed plexiglass barriers. Companies have limited  the number of customers at one time. Many of us are working remotely when feasible… We have all been touched by change in our daily lives this past year to help keep those around us healthy.

At Hughes Construction we value the safety and health of our clients and employees. As a result we have instituted some slight process changes that have allowed us to continue to serve our clients throughout this pandemic.  We wanted to share with you how our revised estimating process is currently working for the following types of projects:

Foundation Repair Estimates (Including  Wall & Crack Repairs, Water Infiltration, Structural Projects)

As always the first step is to consult a structural engineer to determine the appropriate path forward. They will determine the cause of the problem and an appropriate correction. We will need their report/designs to quote your project.

Once you have your report/designs the best way to get those over to us is via our website.  Our website is available 24 hours a day and will deliver the information directly to our staff to get the estimating process started.  Click here to find our contact form. Please attach your report/designs/documents directly to the form. You will hear from our office within one business day of receiving your contact form. Please feel free to follow up with our office at any point.

This is where things have changed slightly. We are currently minimizing unnecessary in person contact with clients as much as possible. This means when possible we will quote the project remotely, or with a brief site visit. The intent of this visit is to simply gain enough information or photos to allow our estimators to quote the project without having to have face to face interaction with the client.  After the quote has been developed, a time can be setup to discuss the project and proposal in further detail. Due to the high volume of inquiries we receive this has allowed us to minimize risk of exposing clients and employees unnecessarily.

Appointments are limited and are reserved for those projects that require our estimators gain entry into the home. We will take precautions to minimize risk to both parties.

Drainage Projects & Concrete Projects

We review drainage and concrete work on a project by project basis.   Please note that if the work needed requires measurements and/or laser grade levels, the project may qualify for a consultation appointment.  These appointments do require a non-refundable deposit in order to develop an estimate. Should you proceed with the developed proposal this deposit will be applied directly to your project . The intent of this consultation is to provide construction advice to you for the purpose of developing an estimate for requested work. Feel free to contact our office for additional information regarding consultation appointments.

Do you have an upcoming project? We invite you to complete an online contact form regarding your upcoming project.  Our staff will contact you to let you know the next step in the process once the project has been reviewed.