After this homeowner noticed some cracks in the foundation of the house and had an engineer from Buyers Protection Group come out and inspect the cracks.  Hughes Construction Company was hired to perform the work for the foundation repair.  Per the engineer’s specifications, we were to install steel angles all along the perimeter of the house, attaching the floor joist to the concrete foundation walls to keep the walls from pushing in further.  These angles were installed on the entire perimeter of the house except for one wall.  On the foundation wall that did not receive the steel angles, we installed 3 steel beams that were bolted to the foundation footer as well as attached to the floor joist to keep the wall from bowing in further.  Since the floor joists only run one direction we had to install blocking to be able to attach some of the angles and the 3 beams at the top of the wall.  To repair the cracks in the foundation walls we injected over 100 lineal feet of structural epoxy materials that were provided by Prime Resins.