Covered Foundation WallsWhat’s lurking behind those covered foundation walls?

When purchasing a home be sure to ask questions regarding the foundation and the condition its in.  Have there been any repairs? Was there a structural engineer involved? Is there a warranty that is transferrable with the home? What does that warranty entail?   Keep in mind that just because someone has worked on the home it does not necessarily mean that the issue has been repaired.  If there is evidence of foundation/structural issues, or previous issues it may make sense to get a structural engineer involved prior to purchasing the home to determine the structural integrity of the home up front.  This will likely save you money in the long run.

This particular home had over 200 lineal feet of foundation cracks lurking behind fiberglass panels in the basement. Unfortunately, the amount of cracking was not able to be determined until after the paneling was removed.

In addition to the cracking there was wall movement that required the installation of a wall anchorage system.   The owner of the property hired Hughes Construction to address the cracks and structural concerns.

Corrections made on this property included the following:

  • Removal of fiberglass paneling
  • Installation of steel angles to specifications of engineer
  • Injection of 200+ lineal feet of foundation cracks
  • Installation of masonry repair ties and removal and replacement of bricks as needed
  • Tuck pointing as needed

The corrections for this home were designed by Buyers Protection Group. 

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