This home owner had severe settlement on the front foundation wall and underneath their garage. The home owner visual noticed large cracks developing in the brick around windows, in turn Hughes Construction Company was contacted to inspect the foundation settlement. Mike Montgomery was contracted to design the structural repair, and Hughes Construction Company was contracted to install the repair. Three Counter forts needed to be installed against the leaning foundation wall, and three underpinning piers underneath the settling garage. This project was started in the winter which is not the ideal time to start a project of this nature, but to prevent further damage to the home Hughes Construction Company elected to start anyway. Once the leaning foundation wall was leveled and all the forms were installed the first concrete pour could take place. All Rite Ready Mix provided the concrete for this project, it is important to notify them of your methods so they can recommend the proper mix for the cold temperatures this time of year. After a three day waiting period the underpinning piers can be used as a stable base to jack the garage foundation level. Once all concrete has been placed a new footer drain can be installed and walls can be sealed. Coincidently the original builder did not install a footer drain on this property, which most likely the reason why some the problems occurred in the first place. Proper drainage gravel was installed in order to allow water to flow into the footer drain and the excavated area was compacted and backfilled. A new concrete porch (set on top of the tallest counter fort) and walkway were installed shortly after backfilling. On the interior of this property steel angles were installed around the perimeter of the basement as additional support, and any exposed cracks were injected with structural epoxy by A-1 Epoxy. Bruce Ryan’s Masonry Construction was contracted separately to repair the brick once Hughes Construction Company had completed their work. While the brick wall was down the home owner decided to replace the front windows which were provided by Marsh Building Products.