Foundation Wall Replacement

We performed a foundation wall replacement on this particular home.  As seen in the picture above the existing foundation had failed. Hughes Construction Company was hired to replace the failing foundation wall.  We excavated the area around the failing wall in order to  prepare for the installation of the new foundation. Once the home was shored up Hughes Construction proceeded  to correct the situation.  This included the installation of concrete masonry units for the foundation wall replacement. In addition to replacing the wall we also  waterproofed it  and installed dimple board to help avoid issues in the future.

We tied into the existing drainage system once the new section of wall was complete to ensure water would be diverted away from the home. The combination of the waterproofing and drainage system will help keep moisture from penetrating the crawlspace.

Be sure to check out the photos below for a visual of the project.  You can also check out our projects page for more information on foundation repairs and other projects completed by Hughes Construction Company.

If you have experienced any issues with your foundation, be sure to get those checked out sooner rather than later.  Please keep in mind you should contact a structural engineer prior to tackling any foundation repair projects.