Answers to Frequently Asked Foundation Questions 

Part 1

I have a crack in my basement floor/wall is this normal?  I am not sure if it is something I should be concerned about.  How do I determine how to address this?
It depends upon the type of crack and its cause. Please keep in mind concrete can crack as it cures.  We place control joints during a concrete pour to direct where the cracking takes place.  However, with that said if you have questions about whether the cracking your home is experiencing is “normal”  or is a concern,  then you should reach out to a structural engineer.  There are different types of cracks.  Some are of structural concern, and some are not.   The most qualified person to review the circumstances and recommend the best approach moving forward is a licensed structural engineer.

For a little more in-depth discussion about different types of cracks check out the below post:
My foundation wall has cracks in it. I have concerns about my home’s structural stability, what should I do? Who do I call?
If you experience issues with your foundation and have foundation questions, your first step is to start with a structural engineer. The engineer will determine what type of crack it is and the best approach for repairs.  As mentioned above there are different types of cracks. For example, a cyclical crack changes with the seasons, a progressive crack will continue to get worse.  There are different repairs for each, and the type of crack will dictate the required repair.

I am currently in the process of buying a home and have noticed some issues with the foundation. Does Hughes Construction Company offer inspection services for home buyers?
If you notice issues on the foundation of a home you are considering the purchase of, concerned about the home’s structural integrity, looking for a clean bill of health for the home, or just don’t know who to have out to assess to the foundation to determine if there is even an issue, you want to reach out to a structural engineer. Licensed structural engineers are the best qualified individuals to evaluate the circumstances and provide you with an independent assessment.  As a result you know exactly what repairs are required and  then can make an informed decision on how to proceed. If you have a structural engineer’s report/findings we would be happy to review the project to see if we can provide you a quote for the necessary repair work.

I have concerns about my foundation will Hughes Construction Company come out and design a repair?
Hughes Construction Company is not an engineering firm.  We are an installation contractor.  We install a variety of foundation repairs and structural repairs that are designed by licensed engineers. Hughes Construction Company provides a lifetime workmanship warranty on all of our foundation projects that are designed by licensed engineers.

NOTE: Licensed structural engineers are the best qualified individuals to evaluate the circumstances and provide you with an independent assessment.  This will provide you with the information on what is necessary to stabilize your home.  We have a list of the engineers we currently refer to on our website. These firms are independent of Hughes Construction. While we like to provide our clients with options; it is ultimately the client’s decision to hire an engineer, and if so which one. The client contracts with the engineering firm directly and independently of Hughes Construction.

We can only recommend the engineering firms that are listed under Preferred Engineers page on our website.

Will my foundation repair require designs?
There are times when a foundation repair may involve the need for a design/drawing.  The engineer determines this as a result of his/her assessment.  Clients coordinate design work with their engineering firm. This determination and design work is independent of Hughes Construction Company and typically takes place prior to Hughes Construction Company’s review of the project.

In conclusion, stay tuned for more foundation questions and answers in future posts.  If you have a question that you would like answered then please feel free to reach out to via our contact form. We would be happy to address your question.

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