Growing Grass
Growing grass can feel like an impossible task at times…especially just after a project when you just want things back to normal. So how do you get your yard back to pre-construction or better?

After completion of projects, Hughes Construction Company typically finishes the disturbed area with top soil, seed and straw. We typically use a Kentucky 31 fescue blend, which grows in nicely for most applications.

The key to getting the grass to grow back is to ensure the following:

Optimal Base: As with most things your base is key.  If your soil is less than optimal, your grass growing experience may also be less than optimal. Making sure you have the appropriate base to allow for your seed to germinate is important. Prior to planting your seed make sure the soil is in good shape to allow for growing grass, rocky and claylike soil will complicate the process. Adding a fresh layer of topsoil can help if you are experiencing these conditions.

Appropriate Seed: Be sure that the seed is appropriate for the area you intend to grow grass.  As mentioned, we typically use a Kentucky 31 fescue which works in most applications, however there are times where a seed mix more appropriate for shady areas is necessary. For specific questions regarding the appropriate seed application for your needs reach out to your local landscaping/seed professionals. We use Fagalys in Miamitown for a grass seed supplies.

Protection/Straw Covering: Cover the area with straw once the seed is placed. This helps to protect the seed and allow it the opportunity to grow.  Straw helps to protect from runoff during rains and watering as well as critters that enjoy eating it.

Watering:  Making sure your seed is getting enough water is especially important during dry spells. Conversely during wetter seasons, you do not want to overwater your product. The addition of a hose timer is always of benefit when trying to ensure the appropriate amount of time to water your newly planted seed.

Growing in new grass does require patience and time.  However, with the correct recipe of the above ingredients your yard will be back to beautiful before you know it.

Also note that fall is a great time to take the opportunity to overseed and/or fertilize your lawn to help address any areas of concern.